You do not have to be a medical provider to prescribe parks. There are diverse providers of ParkRx. Read below for just a few examples and for how to become a part of the Utah prescriber community.

Health Professionals

Family and General Medicine Practitioners, Pediatricians, Internists, Psychologists, Obstetricians, Pain Management Specialists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Dietitians, Alternative Medicine Practitioners, Oncologists, Mental/Behavioral Health Specialists, Social workers, Chiropractors, Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists, and more.

When a health provider prescribes a park or recreational space, a digital message is sent to the patient providing a link to the park prescribed. The patient then logs visits to the park to “fill” the prescription and a report is sent to the electronic medical record showing when patients “fill” their prescriptions.

A prescription includes:
  • the destination, which is found in the park finder
  • the specific activity, such as walk with a friend
  • the frequency, such as 3 days per week
  • the duration, such as 30 minutes


School Counselors, School Psychologists, Guidance Counselors, Teachers, Administrators

Educators and Counselors have this unique tool to give students who may appear to be difficult in the classroom. Often students who are having problems paying attention, who are acting out, or who seem to have social problems are struggling in other areas of their life.

Green space may be a simple way to address some of these issues. -Nature: No App Required (Take Care Campaign)

Faith Leaders

Pastors, Rabbis, Bishops, Preachers, Ministers, Deacons, Priests, Elders, Pujaris, or other faith leaders.

A faith leader often intimately understands the unique trials the members of their congregation face. Often these trials include feelings of overwhelming stress, depression, anxiety, loneliness, or difficulty managing their weight.

Prescribing nature is a free tool faith leaders can use to assist members of their congregation. – Nature Prescribed

Want to become a prescriber?

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